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October 21, 2019
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Are You Choosing Antarctica For Your Upcoming Vacation?

Sep 10, 2014

When you decide to visit the Antarctica, you need to know that there are plenty of things to do. This is one place where you can see things that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. You can see some of the largest icebergs and you can enjoy hanging out with penguins. You can enjoy Antarctica tours that include kayaking and camping.

Understand the misconceptions about Antarctica when planning your trip and one thing you have to realize is that you do not have to spend a fortune to visit the destination. Admittedly, there are some expensive cruise tours to Antarctica, but the fact is that you can travel to the region without spending too much. Knowing the destinations to travel will help in your planning.

Getting Close to the Penguins

Antarctica is the place to be when you want to get up close with penguins. These beautiful creatures are by far the most popular attraction in Antarctica. You can walk among hundreds of penguins and even play with them. Paradise Bay is the place to be when you want to hang out with the penguins and you can enjoy the beautiful sight of the snow-capped mountains that make up the background. Paradise Bay is located on the west side of Antarctica and the icebergs and still waters make this sight breathtaking.

Visit Port Lockery Museum

To learn more about Antarctica, you need to visit Port Lockery. Send your friends a postcard from Antarctica and shop for souvenirs. Located in Tierra Del Fuego national park in Ushuaia, the Port Lockery museum was originally a British Base but it has now been converted to a post office. This small structure is nevertheless an important tourist stop point. Many people enjoy the thought of sending themselves mail that is stamped with a stamp from Antarctica- although it often takes months to arrive!

Enjoy a Helicopter Ride

One of the best ways to enjoy the sight of Antarctica is by booking a helicopter ride. You can enjoy a breathtaking aerial view of the magnificent Antarctica landscape. You can travel around the island using a helicopter, flying among the albatross and even witnessing the Emperor penguin colonies. This is also the best way to access the South Pole. You can view the natural beauty of the Lemaire Channel, something that will affect your life forever.

Visit the Observation Hill

You should not miss to visit Observation Hill. This is where the McMurdo Station is located. The easy trek that should take between 30 to 40 minutes will allow you to enjoy the stunning view from the top. If you are looking for the perfect spot for reflection, the views of Mt. Erebus and the beautiful offer the perfect opportunity.

You can enjoy a dip in a hot spring when you visit Deception Island. If you have dreamt of swimming in the Antarctic waters, this is a great way to do it without freezing to death! The warm volcanic soil along the South Shetlands, as well as the warm underground water provides a wonderful experience. With so many unique things to do, plan for your Antarctica trip today!

Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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