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October 21, 2019
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3 Ways in Which the Indian Used Car Market Has Helped the Consumers

Mar 28, 2017

The country’s pre-owned car market is on a rise and by 2020 it is expected to hit the 7 million mark. Some 15 years back, when the used car sector was totally unorganised, buying a used car was more of a risky business. With Maruti taking the lead in establishing the organised sector with its Maruti True Value in 2001, today the sector has come a long way.

The Indian consumer has also understood the positive value equation of pre-owned cars, and buying a second-hand car is no longer considered a taboo. Here’s how this sector has helped people.

  1. 1. First-Time Car Buyers: Those who migrate from a two-wheeler to a four-wheeler in the low-income bracket often find the prices of pre-owned cars very economical. The growing market also offers a wide variety of technologically advanced vehicles at a lower price point making it easy for them to switch from 2- to 4-wheeler without causing a dent on the pocket.
  2. 2. Need a Second Car at Home: Often families find a need for a second car, but don’t want to spend too much on it. Here, the used car provides a viable option where they can buy the second one without shelling out too much. So, if you want to have i20 as the second car, then the used Hyundai i20 India price is almost half that of the brand new one.
  3. The Desire to Upgrade to a Bigger Car: Men are often obsessed with bigger and expensive models. Those who have means can definitely go for brand new models offered at exorbitant prices, but what about those who can’t afford that. For them, the used car market provides the perfect opportunity to satisfy their desire without going over budget.

There has been a major paradigm shift in the recent past from buying new cars to used cars. It can be attributed more to the growth in the organised sector.

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Knocking in Your Cricket Bat

Mar 25, 2017

It is rare to buy a new cricket bat and not have to knock it in before you first use it. Before taking it for use at your first practice session of the season it is important to go through a thorough knocking in process to harden and condition the surface of the blade. You can either choose to knock in your cricket bat at home, or utilise the services of a professional cricket bat oil and knock in service to ensure that it is of the highest quality before you go to the crease and play to your maximum levels.

There are a couple of good reasons for knocking in a cricket bat. Firstly knocking a cricket bat in will protect it from cracking. The more you use a cricket bat without knocking it in, the more likely it is to suffer from cracks on the surface and the less time you’ll have to use it. Lengthening the shelf life of your cricket bat is important as you don’t want to go through a number of bats each season. Secondly, knocking in your bat is vitally important to the way you play, improving the middle of the bat and making it bigger, and better to use when you are facing cricket balls at a fast pace. It offers you some more control and power through your bat.

The speed with which a cricket ball is bowled and the way in which a batsmen will swing, means that the contact of ball to bat is potentially a very damaging one to the piece of equipment. You want to do everything possible to ensure a long and productive life for your cricket bat so oil and knock it in before you use it at all!

For those cricket bats made from willow it is important to understand the process behind making them what they are, and why you have to take extra care with it. In its natural state, willow is quite a soft timber and it is only using a mechanical press, with great power behind it, that can press the willow into a resilient and hard block, ready to be shaped into the wonderful cricket bat. This mechanical press isn’t enough to completely protect the bat however, and this is where knocking in comes into play.

If you are to knock your cricket bat in by hand, use a mallet. First though, apply some oil to the surface. This moistens the bat and helps to knit the fibres together to form an elastic surface that will stretch as the ball hits, rather than crack. Spread the oil over the face of the bat carefully (leave overnight) and repeat three times prior to compressing the surface.

Using a hardwood bat mallet you can then begin to hit the middle of the bat gently, but hard enough in order to create a dent. You should then continue to compress the face of the blade until you can no longer see the original dent and the bat is level. Strike the edges at 45 degrees to the face in order to round them off. You should knock in your bat for 10 minutes at a time, for between 10-15 sessions until it is ready to use.

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Is Going For Dental Implant A Wise Decision?

Mar 21, 2017

As soon as we hear the word implant, the first thing that ticks in our minds is breast implant. Well, breast implantation is certainly a well-known procedure, but it isn’t the only one. In fact, there are many different implants, and one of the most commonly known is dental implant.

Fortunately with the technological advancement, replacing a missing tooth has become pretty easy and affordable. However, the only hard thing to do is decide which procedure to go for and the dentist to consult. So, let’s talk about dental implants and whether it is a good choice for you or not.

Dental implants:

Dental implants are metal frames or posts which are positioned in the jawbone with the help of surgical procedures. They are placed under the gums to make sure that the artificial tooth can be attached to it. Well, since the implant is fixed into the jawbone, its strength is pretty good and it provides necessary support to the artificial tooth attached to it.

In fact, dentures, bridges, crowns, etc. which is placed over the implant are stronger and gives a natural feeling. They function just like our natural teeth do. Besides, they are easy to maintain and benefits like natural teeth does.

Dental implants vs. conventional methods:

The first and foremost reason for which dental implants are so popular these days is its durability. They are extremely long lasting and are considered to be the second best thing to your natural teeth. In addition, they give you the freedom to eat anything and everything. No matter what you are consuming is hard, soft, or sticky, you need not worry about the replacement tooth.

Unlike dentures, implants don’t come off the mouth. It is easy to brush and floss them. In fact, the comfort level they provide is exactly like your natural teeth.

Consulting a dentist is crucial:

There is no doubt that the dental implants are the best solution, but reliable dentists like, prefer checking the health of your teeth before recommending the implants. This is because, dental implants is not ideal for those with weak bones and unhealthy gums. They are safe if your teeth and gums are strong.

Furthermore, implants are costly compared to other options, but they are certainly worth it. They last longer and so you need not spend again and again on dental procedures. Overall, implants are considered as the best option to replace a missing tooth.

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Healing With Ministers – Growth with Jesus Is a Step Away

Mar 20, 2017

Our faith and beliefs define our actions. If you are unsure of your existence and purpose in the world, it is probably time to change your path and move towards Jesus. It is important to remember that Christ is a savior, and no matter what you are going through, he will never abandon you. Even if you lose faith and reject his existence for a while, Jesus will still be around to show you the way. Millions of people around the world trust ministries like Christ embassy for finding the path of Jesus. Every ministry works with the purpose of taking the divine presence of God to the people of the world, and once you start believing in Christianity virtues and faith, you will see incredible transformation within yourself

Allow yourself to heal

When times are hard and sins are many to confess, it is tough to keep faith. However, with Jesus, you are never alone. He has appeared for his disciples time and again, often for lengthy conversations. At the end of Gospel of John, Jesus appears for the third time for his disciples, including Peter, who had denied him thrice, when Pharisees captured Christ. This shows His love for his people. No matter what kind of situation has engulfed your existence, Jesus will always be your savior, even in times when your beliefs are shaken. Many renowned ministers, including Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, have talked about the power of healing with Jesus. It is all about accepting Jesus, and when you do that, you make the most conscious choice of following His word.

Accept growth

Most of us try to remain young at heart, and that’s completely fine. However, as a believer, you must also look for growth. Transformation and maturity cannot be pushed or tried for. Instead, both should come naturally to you. If you stay stagnant, you will never learn and move ahead, which is the ultimate purpose of human life. Jesus has already taken the hard and difficult tasks for us, and you don’t need to do anything beyond trusting his path. Your growth will follow as you start hanging out with him. Jesus is around you, all the time.

While the path is fairly easy, many people have a hard time gaining faith. If you are confused and delusional, you need someone like Chris Oyakhilome for understanding your path. Pastors and ministers instill faith in people and give them hope, because Jesus can stand next to everyone in all situations. Sometimes, we need healing as a solution. Don’t fear your sins, but ask for His forgiveness, and he will never deny you. Whenever you find yourself in a tough spot, just call out to him. Seek his help and ask forgiveness for your sins. He will take away your frustration and will be there when you need enlightenment.

The light is within you, and with Jesus, you are always ahead of your sins and worries. Follow a ministry today and start learning more about the divine path.

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