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October 21, 2019
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How to Choose the Cleaning Company for You

Jul 22, 2018

Whether you are looking for a cleaning company for your personal use or for your company there are certain thing you need to look out for to ensure you are getting the best service and value for money.  People are using cleaning companies or individuals more regularly for their households as they have busy lives.  Spending quality time with the family seems to be higher up the agenda now and using external people to clean at a reasonable rate a common selection.  There are many regional cleaning services you can choose from in all areas of the UK.

Company Reputation

The internet is a powerful source to get recommendations and reviews on different companies.  By typing in the company name you could easily get a lot of information about some people’s opinion on them.  Something you do need to watch out for here is the credibility of some of the reviews you read on the internet for two reasons.  The first one is that it could be the company themselves (or friends of the company) leaving reviews therefore they will be bias.  On the other hand it could be direct competitors to the company leaving negative reviews therefore not credible.  If there is a large number of reviews then you are likely to get a good balanced view.


The prices of cleaning companies will vary quite significantly depending on what the exact service is that you are looking for.  Some people can order a deep clean which is the company going into all of the minor details and really scrubbing away or you may be looking for a regular cleaner to come once or twice a week.  What you need to watch out for also is the materials.  The vast majority of companies will bring their own materials and this will be incorporated in the prices however there are some companies that may ask the customer to provide the cleaning materials.  Clearly the latter option will reduce the price of the service.  You can generally get quotes online from agencies therefore it’s a good idea to shop around.


The security of your home or business is paramount therefore if you are looking to allow the people into your business or home (especially if you are not around) then you need to have a level of trust.  You can get background checks from the company or individual you employ and ask for references which you can contact to ensure there has been no previous issues.  It is still a good idea to always lock away valuables in a safe.


When you are looking to employ a cleaning service, you will look at a time that is convenient for you.  If it’s a regular clean you may from time to time want to change this therefore the flexibility of change should be agreed with the company beforehand to ensure there is no cancellation or change fees connected to this.

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Fun Ways to Get Some Exercise

Jul 21, 2018

With obesity levels continuously on the rise in the UK it is important for people to reflect on what they are doing to keep fit.  Exercise does not need to be a laborious task and there can be an element of fun.  Some people prefer to exercise alone but doing this in a group could also be an option to help raise the energy levels and to enjoy the activity.  Here are some suggestions as to how to make exercising a little more fun.

Trampoline Jumping

Jumping on a trampoline may sound like an activity for children however this can also be an activity for adults.  It is pretty common in the UK to see trampolines in back gardens and them in use by the family (especially in the summer months).  If you don’t have the room in your garden for this then you can easily head over to one of the UK trampoline parks where there are indoor and outdoor trampolines for all types of people.  You can head to any of these parks as a group and book a half hour or hour session.  The amount of calories that you will burn with this without even realising is incredible.  The prices at these sort of trampoline parks are also generally very reasonable therefore not a great expenditure.


If you are a fan of cycling then why not try out a spinning class at your local gym.  These classes can be a lot of fun but also really tiring and challenging.  Normally there are classes for different types of people (beginners, intermediate and advanced).  The classes are generally around 25 to 30 people and the bikes are usually in a semi-circle facing the trainer.  You will go at challenging speeds and strengths along to the sound of music and an encouraging trainer keeping you motivated.  You can go along to this activity alone as there will be a lot of other people in the group you can connect with.

Swing Ball

The game swing ball is not particularly common anymore but in the 80’s and 90’s this was a common game that was played in peoples gardens.  The game consists of a pole with a tennis ball connected to a string.  You must hit the ball and when it goes round the pole the person you are playing against must attempt to return it.  This is a really cheap game to buy and is a lot of fun.  When you start playing this game you can end up playing it for a long time burning lots of calories.  The only downside we can think of is the weather.  As this is an outdoor game, it is weather dependant.

Hill Walking

We are blessed with a lot of good scenery in the UK and we should take more advantage of it more often.  Heading on out to the hills can be a lot of fun if doing so in a group.  You can set challenges on times or distance in many of the recognised safe routes.

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Benefits of Using a Cleaning Company in Your Home

Jul 20, 2018

In the modern world, individuals seem to be extremely busy with careers and families that sometimes the upkeep of the family home can be affected.  Cleaning can be a laborious task and by taking shortcuts it could potentially affect the health and hygiene of people living within the home.  Outsourcing this to an eternal cleaning agency may be the answer to continue to have a healthy work life balance but also be reassured that your home is cleaned to a high standard.  There are lots of different Professional Cleaners London have whether it be a small family run business or a larger firm. 

High Standards

When people have the time to clean their home they may not spend as much time as they should do cleaning it, in fact they may be guilty more of giving their home a “tidy”.  This is normal and most probably down to the fact that not many people have the time to clean their home or they don’t enjoy completing this task.  This can include things like bedrooms where individuals will continue to vacuum around the bed but won’t go under it.  Believe it or not, dust and dirt gathers under the bed also therefore the need to clean this from time to time is also important – this is one of the typical common shortcuts.  If you use a cleaning company then no shortcuts should be taken.  They are employed by you to complete a high quality job and will not take short cuts.  You can even employ them to do a deep clean of any room or area of your choice which involves even more focus in a particular area.


Believe it or not, employing an external cleaning agency is not expensive and you can get some really reasonable prices quoted.  There is no shortage of cleaning services in most areas therefore this keeps the quotes you receive all competitive.  Some differences in the charges may be around what you are looking for them to do.  Sometimes things like deep cleans are a little more expensive as the company may require to use their own equipment however generally you will find what you are paying for is the hourly rate of an individual.  Some smaller companies may offer to reduce the price if they can use your cleaning equipment rather than provide their own.  This may take a few pounds off the price.

Happiness in the Home

Imagine going out to work and coming back home and not having to worry about spending hours cleaning.  With so many families active during the day, it is important at some point to relax and have some family time.  If there is a lot of cleaning required, this can put stress on the family and take precious time away from their family time.  You will find that people that use external agencies to clean their home have a much happier family life.

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