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October 21, 2019
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3 Ways to Indulge Your Creative Side

Aug 13, 2018

Many people have a creative side to them and this can be seen as a skillset.  Within any good leadership teams in large companies, it is important to have people with all types of skillsets as all different styles help get results.  When people are thinking outside the box and are creative, we should encourage this.  Here are 5 ways that we recommend to help indulge your creative side. 


There is no limits to your imagination when it comes to taking photographs.  This is a hobby that is increased significantly in popularity over the past decade.  In order to get this right there are many different skills and techniques that you require which is why there are many London based photography courses for all levels running constantly.  Not only are these in major cities like London but across all areas of the UK.  There are hundreds of different ways to take a picture and edit it in order to get the message across that you are trying to deliver.  This definitely forces people to be creative.

Website Design

You do not have to be a wizard to design a website.  It is thought that in able to do this, you need to have some sort of formal training or qualifications.  Clearly this will help but is definitely not a requirement.  There are many different avenues where you can get help and guidance as to how to create your own website which include books and the internet. It is also a very inexpensive activity to complete (if you are looking for just the basics).  How you then execute and design the actual website is up to you.  The internet is a very busy place therefore if you have a browse of sites similar to the one you are looking to design you may well get a few ideas.  Even if you were to do the basic things yourself via the online guidance and then look at someone external to you or your company to help create the graphics to a high quality standard.

Renovating the Family Home

People get bored of the same old scene when they come into the family home and it can sometimes be fun and rewarding to make changes.  Doing a good renovating project in your home can also raise its value quite significantly also.  If you own the home (and do not rent) then there are almost no limits as to what you can achieve.  This could be from simple painting to something a bit more creative such as stencilling on the walls.  In addition to this, you may actually want to make structural changes.  If this is the case then before you do this, make sure you have checked out the rules on this as some structural changes will require planning permission before execution.  Outside the home there is also the garden – you can dig this up and completely change it or you can add or change the flowers.

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Fun Activities to Do This Summer

Aug 12, 2018

Summer is finally here and if you are one of the lucky ones who get to enjoy six weeks off, then you are probably making lots of plans of how to spend your days. Here, we are taking you through some fun activities that we think you will really enjoy doing this summer.

 Head to the Beach

With this gorgeous warm weather hitting the UK, now is the perfect time to hit the beach. If you live near the coast, take a picnic and spend the day next to the sea. You may be surprised to find that when the weather is this lovely in the UK, being on the beach can feel like you are abroad!

Visit an Escape Room

As the weather can be quite temperamental, it is a good idea to line up some fun activities for those days when the rain starts to fall. An escape room is the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon and is something that you will absolutely love doing with either friends or family. You can find a list of escape room games and choose the one that you feel you will have the most fun trying to complete. There are plenty to choose from, so there will be a fun escape room challenge to suit everyone.

Go For A Hike

During the winter months, it can be hard to stay active when the weather is so miserable outside, however, what’s great about the warmer summer weather is that you can enjoy the sun taking part in outdoor activities. If you have a national park near to you or nature trails, why not take advantage and head out on some hikes. Summer is also the perfect time to try out some new water sporting activities, so why not join a class and spend your summer out on the water.

Spend the Day on a Boat

If water sports don’t sound too appealing to you, why not instead spend the day on a lovely sailboat. You can take a picnic with you and some drinks, then sit back and relax as you float out on a lake or the sea. This is the perfect way to spend your summer days with family.

Go Bowling

Another fun indoor activity which is fun to do in the summer months on days where the weather is not all that great is bowling. Every city has a bowling lane and you can visit, play a few games, enjoy some food and drinks and catch up with friends.

Plan A Barbecue

As soon as the sun starts to shine, that can only mean one thing, barbecue weather is officially here! Everyone loves a barbecue, so why not invite your friends and family round and throw a barbecue party in your garden? Get delicious food on the barbecue and have the drinks flowing for a fun day in the sun.

Image: PIxabay.

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5 Activities to Enjoy this Summer

Aug 11, 2018

There is always a little more free time available in summer, whether you are taking a week or 2 off to take care of the kids – or you are just looking to enjoy some sunshine.  We have put together a list of activities that you may want to enjoy with the kids over the school holiday period.  There are lots of things to do Berkshire based and near there, so you can be sure you will have a great time.

 Visit Windsor Castle

This is perfect for anyone who has any interest whatsoever in the Royal family and is still a great day out even if you don’t. It’s the oldest castle in the world that still has occupants and is one o the official residences of the Queen herself. You can get a great sense of history and look at the apartments that hosted the likes of George IV and Charles II.

Go to Legoland Windsor

Pretty much everything at Legoland is made up of those colourful bricks that we have all come to know and love, apart from the rides of course.  They even have a fab beach party during summer months where the kids can meet characters such as Sea Captain and Shark Guy.  You can also check out the likes of Drench Towers and Splash Safari in the outdoor water area. It’s lots of fun for all ages.

The Living Rainforest

You might think you need to spend a fortune to explore a rainforest, but in actual fact – you don’t need to leave Berkshire.  If you choose to go on a day out to the Living Rainforest you will encounter over 700 types of plants and animals.  You will find all kinds of free roaming animals too such as lizards, water dragons, butterflies and more. There is even a 2 headed sloth to make friends with. You can also expect to be educated on the eco system of rainforests and how important it is in terms of supporting everyday life.

 The Nature Discovery Centre

If you want to take a walk on the wild side – then you will love the Nature Discovery Centre which is in Thatcham.  It’s for all ages, and you will find all kinds of great wildlife displays as well as play areas, walks by beautiful lakesides and more.  You can learn all about the history, and you can also see what lives in the lake via the fish tanks.

Go Ape

This is one for those of you who like an adventure.  With Go Ape (which is in Bracknell) – you can take part in high rope activities.  There are 3 of those, as well as ziplines, bridges that are on the wiggly side, as well as a fantastic Tarzan swing.  You can swing into adventure with this great day out.

If you are looking for things to do this summer in or around the Berkshire area, we hope we have given you some great ideas.

Image: Pixabay

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Tips for Making your Event go to Plan

Aug 10, 2018

If you are hosting an event, that is for potential or existing clients, then the pressure can definitely be on.  All eyes are on you to make sure it goes off without a hitch, and if it goes well – you could create just the impression you need to, to close a deal.  We’ve listed some of the ways you can make sure everyone is taken care of, and that it goes to plan.

Hire some Great Caterers

If there’s one thing that people always remember at an event, it’s the food!  That will l eave a lasting impression whether it’s good or bad.  Make sure you hire some caterers – and do your research.  Don’t just think about the cost and the menu, make sure you have a look at reviews other clients may have made about the caterers.  It’s also good practice to make sure you sample the product first too.

Get a Popup Cocktail Bar

Popup cocktail bars are a great wayfor your guests to indulge in a cheeky tipple with a twist.  There are some great distributors that will come just for the night, bring all of the equipment and clear it all away.  They can even make bespoke cocktails for your event to make it even more special.

 Get Managed Driver Services

Making sure your VIP’s get to the event on time is definitely important if you want to make sure they don’t miss anything. If there is anyone that you want to make sure you are impressed, why not arrange for private drivers to pick them up from their location?  Green Tomato Cars Taxis have a great service which will make sure that you don’t need to worry about transportation.  They have a dedicated events team, where you would have a dedicated point of contact all the way.

Hire Some Entertainment

If it’s an evening event, make sure that there is something to break up the content to make sure your audience is engaged.  This could be anything from getting in a motivational keynote speaker, to a magician to do some card tricks during dinner. It might not be something that you would do at a board meeting with 10 people, but for something a little bit special – that will do the trick.

Check the Tech Stuff

If you are planning on presenting, or if you have any entertainment that requires the use of laptops, sound systems etc – make sure you check all of this first and do a dry run.  The last thing that you need is for this not to function properly during the real thing.  Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! If you have an events checklist – make sure you put this on it.

Hopefully with these handy tips, your event should go without a hitch.  Make sure that you are feeling confident in what you are doing and everyone else will follow suit.

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How to be more Productive

Aug 9, 2018

We all struggle to stay productive from time to time, with busy lifestyles impacting our activities. If you want to learn how to boost your productivity long term then here are some great habits for you to form.

 Sleep and Eat Well

Fuelling our bodies well is a no brainer when it comes to being more productive. If you want to do more with your day, then you have to ensure you have the right fuel to do so. This means sleeping well and making sure you’re eating the right foods too.

If you eat nothing but junk food and don’t sleep well, then you can’t be surprised when you don’t have the energy to remain productive.

If you do take up these habits, but don’t notice a difference in your energy levels, then there may be an underlying health problem. Use an Online symptom checker to figure out if there’s anything untoward impacting your energy levels.

Map out your Goals

Setting out goals for the day is a good way to give yourself some motivation. If you write out a list and stick to it, you’ll find that you feel a sense of satisfaction as you tick all of the items off. This will also keep you motivated to complete the list and before you know it, you’ll be ready for new tasks.

Bullet journals are gaining popularity for this reason, as more people want to give themselves that added push. These allow you to design your own pages and create a structure that works for you. Some people like daily goals and other prefer ones that are longer term. The important thing is finding a system that works to keep you motivated.

Track your Time

If you feel like the day is over before you know it, then you can start to track your time. The reality may be that you spend a lot of time on passive activities like browsing the internet. When this happens, you start to tune out and the time flies by without you paying attention.

There are apps that you can install on your phone that track the time you spend in various apps. You might just be surprised by just how much of your day is frittered away on social media.

When you identify this kind of time wasting, then it’s time to change these habits. This isn’t always easy, as you’re accustomed to a different habit, but once you start to change you’ll find it becomes easier. Think about other things you could fill your time with, like reading books and working out.

Working towards something within this otherwise wasted time is very satisfying. You could learn a language, work towards a qualification or enhance your knowledge. This can help you in both your personal and professional life.

There we have it, just follow these simple tips and you’ll find your productivity quickly picks up the pace. Then, you can get more out of your time and feel better about how you spend ig=t.

 Image: Pixabay

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Perfect Graduation Gifts

Aug 8, 2018

If you have someone in the family that is graduating soon, then you’re probably hunting down a gift. There are conventional gifts like money or gift cards, but here are some gifts that you could splash out on that are a bit more personal.

Subscription Boxes

These really are the gifts that keep on giving and you can get them in almost any shape or size. From makeup to coffee, there’s a subscription box for just about everything. Rather than just one gift on the day, this means your recipient will be able to enjoy a new gift every month.

There are usually different tiers for this kind of thing, so you can either go for a budget option or go higher end. These treats are always appreciated and can really make a difference to their day to day life. There are so many of these options out there, so you’re bound to find something perfect for them.


If you want to give a memento that will last a lifetime then jewellery can be the ideal gift. There are all different kinds and styles to choose from, so you can match it into the personality of the person that you’re buying for. Whether they like charm bracelets or something a bit grander, you’ll find something to suit.

Check out this Pearl earrings selection for something timeless and elegant that any recipient will love. These come in different sizes and styles, with the pearl as the main feature of the jewellery. Watches will also last a lifetime and be treasured by their owners.


Oftentimes, a graduation signals the end of a time in a university town, as the graduate moves closer to home or to a new job. If this is the case, then some homewares can really help this transition. If the recipient is moving to an unfurnished flat, for example, then some basic necessities can save them a lot of cash.

You could also go down the route of a gift card, specifically for a homeware store, while it’s slightly more personal it also allows them to choose something that fits with their own style.


Books are a great way to create more of a connection, especially if you pick some that are your favourites. Think back to the time that you graduated and which books you found helpful in your formative years. This can help to create a closer bond between you and the recipient, as they get more of an insight into your likes and dislikes.

If the recipient is a bit more tech savvy, then you could always go with an eReader and preload it with these books. If they’re taking a year to travel before settling down, then this will help them to stay entertained on planes or in waiting rooms.

If you want a thoughtful gift for a graduate, then these gifts will definitely be enjoyed. The possibilities are endless, just shop around and you’ll be able to get something that they love.

Image: Pixabay

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5 Company Perks that your Employees will Love

Aug 7, 2018

It’s important that as an employer you look after your workforce.  If you have a happy team, this can lead to much more benefits to you such as a better staff turnover, more loyal employees, and people who want to do a great job for you. Doing your best to take care of them, will reap its own rewards.  We have outlined some great company perks your employees will love.

Give them their Birthday Off Work

This is quite a simple thing but is an incredibly effective way of making your team feel special.  We all love celebrating a birthday – and we all like to feel special every once in a while, so this is a great way for a company to show an employee that they are valued.  Even if you decide not to give them the day off, make sure you buy them a cake or some fix to say thanks for their hard work.

Bonuses for Innovation

Some businesses create think tanks where employees get to share their thoughts and ideas with one another and senior staff members.  Should one of your team come up with an idea that benefits your company greatly, they should be rewarded for it.  It can be done in a sort of Dragon’s Den style approach where they pitch their ideas. The winning pitch can then be rewarded.  The prize can of course be within your company budget.

24 Hour Medical Care

You might think this sounds expensive, but actually there are some great cost-effective options for businesses to offer their employees online medical care.  That way they can get access to medical advice straight away.  It can also end up saving the company money by fewer sick days, and long term sick leave.  There is a Babylon Dr app where they can ask for medical advice whether they are at work, on a business trip or at home. This is something that your team will definitely value.

Team Days

When your staff have done a great job, or if you have met some great financial targets – then why not celebrate with a team day? This can also be a great bonding experience between the employees.  You don’t need to go all out and spend lots of money, it could even be a game day in the office.  This is a great wayto break up all the hard graft in the office.

Welcome Packs

Perks don’t need to be simply for existing employees, it’s great to make a new employee feel welcome too.  Make them feel valued as soon as they start with you – and create a great welcome pack.  It could be a mug, a notepad and pen, and maybe a coffee card.  It doesn’t need to be expensive – but a great way to bring them into your company.

If you are looking to show your employees that they are valued members of the team, then some of these ideas could be a great way to do that.

Image: Pixabay

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How to Prepare for your Next Skiing Holiday

Aug 6, 2018

Are you thinking of going on a skiing holiday? The preparation for this can be a little bit different to getting ready for your average beach holiday, in fact – there is lots more to think about. Even if you aren’t new to skiing, it could be your first holiday to the mountains – and you want to make sure you have everything ready for the prefect skiing holiday.

Having the Correct Equipment

It’s important that you have everything that will not only make your ski experience enjoyable, but safe too.  Things such as helmets and goggles are things that are essential to any skiing holiday.  The last thing you want is an accident on the slopes that could ruin your entire holiday.  You can get these for great prices, but if you are a more seasoned skier, you may want to spend a little bit more. 

Making Sure you have the Attire you Need

There are 2 essentials that you definitely don’t want to go on a skiing holiday without, and that’s a good quality ski jacket – and salopettes. You can get all kinds of different jackets, and you can really spend as much or as little as you want on these – although if you plan on going fairly regularly you may want to invest.  Make sure you also have the right base and mid-layers.  Your base layer should be something like a long -sleeved t-shirt or some thermals.  Try to avoid cotton, as if you get sweaty – it can leave you on the clammy side.  Your mid layer is usually something like a fleece that will do wonders if it’s a cold day.

Get Ski Ready

If you want to impress on the slopes – it might be a good idea to invest in a ski course.  This can work particularly well for beginners who don’t have much experience and want to learn – but there are also some great intermediate ski courses out there for those of you who want to improve upon your skills.  That way, you will feel much more confident when you are on your holiday.

Why not Make a Skiing Holiday Checklist?

To make sure you don’t forget anything and that your holiday goes without a hitch – it might be a good idea to create a checklist. That way when you are packing you can make sure that you don’t forget anything.  Despite going for some rest and relaxation – preparing for holidays can definitely cause some anxiety and stress for people if they aren’t good travelers.  Once everything is ticked off, you can just worry about enjoying your holiday.  You can even put obvious things on there, such as passport, hotel reservations etc to put your mind at ease.

If you are thinking of getting yourself ready for a skiing holiday – but you weren’t quite sure about what you would need or who to prep – we hope we have helped.  All that’s left for you to do, is have fun on the slopes.

Image: Pixabay

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