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October 21, 2019
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Considerations for Finding Wedding Transportation

Jan 26, 2015

When you first start planning a wedding you will likely have no idea just how involved the whole thing is. There are countless different factors to consider at each stage of the way and no-one can really prepare you for just how much the whole thing is likely to cost or just how long it will take to organize.

In fact, if you take any single one element for your wedding planning, then you will find that there are enough different factors to fill an entire book. Wedding transportation is no different – though it may seem like a straightforward idea, this really couldn’t be further from the truth and there are all kinds of things you need to remember when you look into it. Read on and we’ll discuss some of the most important considerations for wedding transportation to help you make the right choice.

The Car

The type of car you want is the most obvious consideration and the first thing you’ll have to decide. Do you want a modern sports car? Or something a little more classic looking? Do you want something with lots of space in the back – and just how many people are you going to have riding here? You also need to think about the bride’s dress and how easily she is going to be able to get in and out of the car. If she has a long ‘train’ then she’s going to probably want a slightly lower-down car.

What’s also important is the color and this right away is a more involved decision than you possibly will have realized. For instance, you need to ensure that the color you choose for your car is going to be one that stands out well in photographs. White is perhaps the most popular color for a wedding car, seeing as it’s very classic looking and will match the dress. However, some brides will prefer not to choose white cars because they don’t show up as well in photographs and cause the dress to look almost camouflaged. For these reasons some couples will prefer a ‘sky blue’ color or similar.

Remember, there are two different cars for your wedding transportation too – one will be the car that the bride and groom travel in (and the bride and father on the way to the ceremony venue) and the other will be a car for the bridesmaids and mother of the bride.

So you’ll also want to make sure that the colors of the two cars work well together when they arrive and park next to each other. Chances are that your wedding will have a color scheme which will consist of a primary and secondary color. If you can find wedding cars in those two colors, then this will mean they’re sure to match and it will help you to demonstrate more attention to detail and a more consistent design language.


The cars will each also have a fair amount of decoration which should further enhance their look. For instance, you will usually have a bunch of flowers in the back of the car which will help to make it look extra special.

At the same time, the cars will also often have ribbons at the front. This again helps to show that the car is for a celebration and is an important additional touch. Now you’re going to have to choose a ribbon (or two) that matches the car and you’ll want to think about how this all works with the color scheme and the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Price and Fuel

Once all that is decided you of course need to think about the cost and whether you can afford your dream wedding car. Remember that the distance the cars have to travel makes a big difference, so if you can find a service nearer your church/venue that will often knock down the price considerably!

Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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Wedding Photographers

Apr 12, 2014

Wedding ceremonies really are a magical, wondrous occasion honoring the romance that’s shared between a couple. It’s built on love and trust and signifies the strict type of commitment. This is actually the eventually that’ll be forever taken inside you making all brides the most amazing lady on the planet. It’s the day that lots of women dream of their whole lives. The wedding ceremony and reception may be the one truly momentous occasion that’ll be forever valued and appreciated. Selecting the best wedding digital photographer is important if you’re to completely capture the essence of the big day. To be able to capture these reminiscences for life, listed here are a couple of tips you need to know for choosing wedding photography enthusiasts.

Wedding Portfolio

After locating a style that best suits you as well as your groom, try to look for a minimum of three wedding photography enthusiasts in your town that are offered for your wedding event. When you discover they are offered for the wedding, make certain they all are using professional grade cameras. To discover this, you can view their online portfolio or request them what kinds of cameras they will use for wedding shoots.


All professional wedding photography enthusiasts possess a standard wedding cost be it listed online or otherwise. They might state that they offer custom packages whatsoever rates, but without a doubt they need to create a set earnings to remain in the marriage photography business, whether it is part-time or full-time. Lots of photography companies may have 3-5 set wedding packages that couples can decide on. The costs of those packages can differ from the couple of hundred to some couple of 1000 dollars, with respect to the photography company and what’s incorporated within the package cost.


The wedding digital photographer will have to know all non-traditional wedding particulars, in addition to photography limitations. If you’re getting a non-traditional marriage ceremony, theme wedding, or casual wedding, make certain the wedding digital photographer is aware of this so he is able to be ready. If you’re getting loudspeakers throughout your ceremony, or any special bulletins at your wedding event, your digital photographer ought to know the entire day’s schedule prior to the wedding.

The wedding digital photographer is going to be shooting all of your wedding pictures right from the start towards the finish of the ceremony and requires to understand everything. The small things like parent separations, and guest surprises ought to be divulged for your digital photographer.

As your wedding digital photographer tags along right from the start from the ceremony towards the finish of the reception, make certain he will get a chair along with a meal! Throughout your meals, he will likely eat too. Photos of individuals eating at the wedding aren’t a highlight that bride and groom would find too interesting to keep in mind. Throughout this time around, no occasions are happening and it might be a great time for the wedding digital photographer to take a rest.


The best wedding digital photographer will allow the day flow and capture the actual feelings that comprise the real atmosphere of the wedding thus making you just like happy because the day you had been married whenever you review your wedding album days, several weeks, as well as years after.

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Unique and strange Wedding Mementos

Apr 12, 2014

If you’re searching for wedding mementos for your wedding event or wedding shower, you’ve most likely seen the “usual” wedding mementos. For example, chrome and candle lights. This stuff are elegant. But when you’re searching for different things for the visitors, don’t believe you need to be satisfied with the mundane… You will find lots of unique and strange wedding mementos available.

For example, you may make many traditional wedding mementos unique by customizing them. Custom monograms and engraving are for sale to include that personal touch for your visitors fabric and chrome wedding mementos. Even simple personalized laces and ribbons are an affordable but elegant gift for the visitors or wedding ceremony.

You may also help make your own wedding mementos. Each homemade wedding favor is really a fantastic and thoughtful gift. You can purchase kits online for ready-to-assemble wedding mementos that you could make and personalize yourself.

You may even simply want something unusual- something which your visitors haven’t seen at other receptions and wedding events. There’s such a multitude of unusual wedding mementos available that you are certain to find something both you and your visitors will enjoy.

For instance, consider giving your visitors the following unusual but practical wedding mementos: shot glass wedding mementos watches golf tees along with other golf-related wedding mementos bookmark wedding mementos compact disc wedding mementos flower seed products or wild flower seed products or perhaps unique magnets. You will find 1000’s to select from.

You may even come with an unusual theme for your wedding, and wish a unique wedding opt to accompany it. You will find country wedding mementos for country theme wedding ceremonies and Celtic wedding mementos for Celtic theme wedding ceremonies.

Also consider unusual, periodic wedding mementos. Most wedding ceremonies occur early in the year or summer time, if you possess a fall wedding, you might want to stress that by selecting fall theme wedding mementos or wedding mementos in fall colors. Similarly, December wedding ceremonies are unusual celebrate this with unusual Christmas or Christian wedding mementos.

You will find a lot of unusual and different wedding mementos to select from that you could choose some surprising and different products for that visitors at the wedding shower or wedding party.

If you’re getting a hard time finding or finding that “perfect” wedding favor here is a suggestion. Use the internet and perform a look for wedding mementos. Or even better, look for unique wedding mementos. With a lot of wedding favor sites online surely you’re going to get ideas for your perfect wedding favor you are looking for.

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