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October 21, 2019
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Most wine lovers enjoy the moment when they sit down with their favourite glass of red or white after a long day of work. Wine experts say that a glass of red everyday can bring certain health benefits such prolonging one’s life. However, most would agree that the beverage helps to relax oneself.

If you have started to take interest into the delightful world of wine or yearn to understand its nature without spending a fortune on wine appreciation classes, you could download the following apps from your App Store today! You do not need to be a wine expert to start, and pretty soon you might be seen as one by your friends! Check out the following apps for wine lovers:

Vivino Wine Scanner

Vivino Wine Scanner

Up until now, if you only know about craft beer and nothing about wine, sit back and be amazed. This free iOS app allows you take a snap shot of a wine bottle and instantaneously delivers a detailed description as well as unbiased reviews on that certain wine product! This is also a handy on-the-go app which allows you to input your own comments after you tasted the wine, to decide whether to add it to your wish list or buy it again.

Hello Vino

Like a professional who needs a personal assistant, an avid wine drinker needs an aide for finding the best quality wines that are cream of the crop. Based on your preferences and likings, this app generates an appropriate list of recommendations for you! This app also comes in handy when it comes to pairing wines with meals, thus you never have to go through the embarrassment of pairing red with fish or white with lasagne!


WineClr app

You can clearly see from this app that it was created to be in sync with social media platforms. In other words, you can identify this app as a Facebook for wine. You get to share your wine experiences with the large community who are using this app, thus gaining more experience and knowledge along the way. In this app, you will also understand that it is more than just “white” or “red” when pairing with meals. Impress your date with your skills of ordering the best type of wine to go with your dinner!

Pair It!

As the name suggests, this app provides detailed information about wine and meal pairing matters. As a general rule of thumb, most of you would know that white goes with lighter foods and red with rich foods. However, to really call yourself a wine enthusiast, you have to know exactly which wines go better with a certain type of food. This beautiful app shares with its users over 180 varieties as well as tips gathered from around the world.


Plonk app

Remember the Periodic Table from the subject of Chemistry? Replace the Periodic Table of Elements with a Table of Grapes and you can learn and understand the wide variety of wine options that the app offers. The full name of the grape is represented by its first two initials i.e. Fr for Frapatto. Again, you won’t miss out on great recommendations for wine and food pairings as well as the latest news from its grapevine. If you are afraid of mispronouncing a wine type, there is an inbuilt guide to help correct your mistakes!

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