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October 21, 2019
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When thinking of signage, you need to start by looking at the kind of message you want to send to people. The signage needs to be simple, short and concise. You can’t use long words and sentences since people will quickly lose their interest as they read it.

The right message

The moment people read the sign, they need to grasp the message right away. If you want them to locate a particular place, the sign needs to be clear. If they’re going to follow instructions, you also need to simplify the sign for them. For advertising purposes, the sign also needs to direct them to action. Think of the purpose of having the signage in the first place before you begin designing it.

Think of the target audience

Another factor to consider when designing the signage is the group of people you want to read it. You want them to do something as soon as they see the sign. For instance, if you target kids to buy your products, they need to feel attracted to what they see, and take action. When thinking of your audience, it will affect the words you use along with colour and typography.

Collect ideas

You know your business well, but it does not mean you are the only one with an idea about how to attract people’s attention. You might also have employees who can give opinions on what signage to use and the kind of message you need. There is nothing wrong in seeking out their ideas and letting them be a part of the process. They will love to contribute to the growth of the company in any way they can. You can also make them vote once you finish the final designs for the signage.

Keep everything simple

Not all types of signage are for advertising purposes. Some of them help direct people’s attention to something. For instance, if they are searching for an office in a building with several offices, the signage helps. If the signage seems complicated and difficult to understand, it could affect people’s actions. You want them to do the right thing, and simplicity is crucial in the design.

Find the right material

You will use different types of materials for the signage. They can be acrylic, magnetic, wood, aluminium or many others. The materials you choose will most likely affect the cost of the signage. However, you shouldn’t use cost as the sole basis for determining what material to use. You also need to find out where you are planning to hang the signage. The type of materials used will affect the longevity of the signage.

Once you finish considering every element, you can now start looking for the company that will create the signage. You can count on Afri Sign Cape Town if you want high-quality signage that will last a long time. You can start with an initial consultation before you proceed with the next steps of the design process.



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